Zafarelli has a wide range of authentic pasta shapes made from Durum wheat. The range includes traditional shapes such as Spaghetti and Fettucine, and popular favourites like Spirali and Pennette Rigate.


Zafarelli Conchiglie is a shell shaped pasta. The ridges and hollow middle trap the sauce. Use with bold, chunky sauces.

Denti Rigati

Zafarelli Denti Rigati is an elbow shaped pasta with flat cut ends and a ridged surface (denti in Italian means literally ‘dents’). The hollow middle and ridged texture makes it excellent for catching the sauce along its surface.


Zafarelli Elicoidali is a beautiful twisted shape with ridges along the side. Hollow in the middle, it’s delicious in bakes or with chunky tomato sauces.


Zafarelli Fusilli is a twisted cut of pasta that holds ‘bits’ like vegetables, cheese and sauce in its curves. This shape is delicious with meat or tomato sauces.

Liscio Piccolo

Zafarelli Liscio Piccolo is a macaroni shaped pasta. Shaped like an elbow, it’s smooth with a hollow inside. It’s perfect in chunky soups, bakes or salads and especially good in every kid’s favourite, macaroni cheese!


Zafarelli Mostaccioli is a penne style shape with angled ends. It has a smooth surface which makes it perfect with delicate cream based or light tomato sauces. It is also delicious used in a pasta bake.

Pennette Rigate

Zafarelli Pennette Rigate is a ridged penne style pasta with angled ends. It has a distinctive ridged surface with makes it ideal for chunky sauces, as the ridges are able to hold the sauce.


Zafarelli Rigatoni is a chunky, hollow pasta shape with a ridged surface and flat-cut ends. It’s delicious with chunky sauces or used in pasta bakes.


Zafarelli Spirali is a twisted pasta cut which is able to catch meat, vegetable and cheese in its spirals. This makes it great for any sauce, or in a delicious pasta salad.

Angel Hair

Zafarelli Angel Hair is also known as Capelli d’Angeli. Its thin style suits more delicate sauces.


Zafarelli Bucatini is a long, round strand of pasta with a hollow middle – terrific for catching the sauce inside and making a flavoursome experience of every bite of pasta!


Zafarelli Fettuccine is a flat, long “ribbon” style pasta. A versatile pasta shape, it’s delicious served with pesto or cream based sauces which coat the flat surface of the ribbon.


Zafarelli Linguine is a slightly thinner version of Fettuccine. The long, flat strands have an elegant look and are equally ideal with pesto and cream based sauces as well as red sauces.


Zafarelli Spaghetti, the most well known and loved pasta shape, is steeped in history being the first pasta shape discovered by the Etruscans. With its long, round strands, Spaghetti is the most versatile long cut of pasta – it suits both delicate cream based sauces as well as chunky meat and tomato sauces like Bolognese.


Zafarelli Spaghettini is a thinner version of Spaghetti and a beautifully delicate shape that is perfect with seafood sauces or delicate pestos. Because of its thin shape Spaghettini cooks in just 8 minutes. It is delicious tossed through cream or tomato sauces and is also wonderful crushed up when dry and added to soups or minestrone.

Large Instant Lasagna

Zafarelli Large Instant Lasagna is the convenient, easy way to make traditional lasagna. The large rectangular sheets of pasta require no pre-boiling – you simply layer and bake! Zafarelli lasagna is delicious layered with traditional meat and béchamel sauces or with any other sauce of your choice. The possibilities are endless!